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    Almost every day, we get asked which hotel someone should book for their Vegas trip. The answer is usually the same, “well, what do you like”? There’s so many options & so much to do!

    We decided to try something a little different this time. We will use the cast of the sensational Ted Lasso to help you decide where to book your next Vegas vacation. We know these characters so well we believe we have a pretty good idea of where they would stay and why!

    Want to join in the fun? Tell us who we’ve missed or share where you think other characters would stay in the comments or via our Twitter @UnleashVegas!

    Ted Lasso – New York New York

    Ted is unapologetically American & nothing screams MERICA! like New York New York. From the foldable NY slice of pie to the roller coaster that zigs in and out of the casino, the Americana screams Ted Lasso.

    It’s also a little corny but in a good way. It has a vibe & electric energy, especially on Golden Knights or Raiders gamedays. It’s not fancy, but there’s something special about it.

    Keeley Jones – The Cosmopolitan

    Flashy, sexy, young, & hip. Keeley is the epitome of “Rose” (cosmo’s AI) & if you told me her marketing & PR company created Cosmo’s vibe, I would believe it. Can’t you see Keeley networking with a Cosmo in hand at the Chandelier Bar?

    Whether it’s the rooftop pool, the hip restaurants, or the feminine vibe, Keeley would be right at home in the middle of the strip at The Cosmopolitan.

    Roy Kent – Aria Sky Suite

    If Roy gets dragged to Aria, he will at least struggle through it in an Aria Sky Suite. Aria is dark and masculine & Roy will likely not be the most famous celebrity in the building. Aria has plenty of great restaurants like Carbone or Jean George to grab a great meal out of the casino spotlight.

    It’s probably not a coincidence that Aria Resort & Casino is right next door to The Cosmopolitan (and Keeley Jones), but he’d never admit it.

    Jamie Tartt – Resorts World

    Resorts World is the new, up-and-coming resort with the hottest new clubs & restaurants. Resorts World would be the best hotel by a mile anywhere else in the world, but in the competitive world of the Vegas Strip, it still has plenty to prove. Sound familiar?

    Resorts World is where cool, young, hip people hang out. Zouk Nightclub & Ayu Dayclub would probably let Jamie guest DJ or at least have a VIP table in the hottest location for acts like deadmau5, Kaskade, DJ Snake, Louis The Child, Tiesto, Zedd, Jack Harlow, G-Eazy, Ludacris, and Travis Scott.

    Rebecca Welton – Wynn & Encore

    Rebecca is classy, rich, & established, just like Wynn & Encore. It’s new, bright, & sexy. The Wynn & Encore might be the best hotels in Vegas & Rebecca wants the best. The Wynn replaced The Bellagio, a fact that would not be lost on Rebecca, knowing that Rupert is living in his old money world down the strip.

    The Wynn offers some of the best restaurants on the strip & includes top residencies at XS & Encore Beach Club, where we could see her plan a girl’s night out in style.

    Rupert Mannion – Bellagio

    Rupert is old money & would feel quite at home in Bellagio, the original Vegas mega-casino. I could picture him commandeering a craps table in the middle of the casino, betting obscene amounts on each roll, & drawing a large crowd that he pretends annoys him.

    The youngest, hottest waitress would be bringing him drinks while the crowd gawks & takes pictures that are shared across social media for all (especially Rebecca) to see.

    Trent Crimm – The LINQ

    Trent needs to be in the middle of the action & The LINQ is located dead middle of the strip. He’s not quite as baller as the footballers, so this is a very economical & practical hotel choice for his “freelance writer” budget.

    The central location would give him access to check in on all the Grayhounds from up and down the strip. And he could take a ride on the High Roller to see everything all at once.

    Zava – Four Seasons

    Zava is Zen & wouldn’t want to buy into the glitz and glam of the strip… But wants to be close enough to make an appearance. The Four Seasons in Mandalay Bay offers 5-star amenities while still being close to the action.

    After a nice trip to the spa & some deep meditation, he could still make an appearance at one mega clubs to be seen before disappearing just as quickly as he appeared.

    Sam Obisanya – The Venetian

    The Venetian is huge with many layers. It can be something different for everyone who visits. This fits Sam nicely! Whether it was the fling with Rebecca or the loving brother opening a restaurant with his sister, Sam has many layers that we’ve just started to see.

    More practically, Venetian has amazing food & tons to do. We could definitely see Sam taking a gondola ride with some gelato in hand. It’s probably just a coincidence that it’s the closest hotel to The Wynn (and Rebecca!).

    Coach Beard – Circa

    Coach Beard doesn’t seem like a strip guy, so Circa is a perfect choice. With the Stadium Swim & massive sports book, he will be right in his element. And as a 21+ hotel, he won’t have to deal with any kids.

    The Fremont vibe is very on-brand for Coach Beard & the live music & street performers would be on-brand. We’re a little concerned for Coach with Jane in the picture (whether she goes with him or not), but at least off the strip, it will be less likely that any of the Diamond Dogs will see his arguments.

    Dani Rojas – Mandalay Bay

    Dani doesn’t know much about Mandalay Bay, but he heard they have sharks & Zava might be close. For this happy-go-lucky guy, that’s all he needed to know.

    He will be happy to find out that Mandalay Bay has tons of great restaurants & one of the best views of the strip at The Foundation Room. It’s also the closest hotel to Alligenat Stadium if he wants to catch on of the concerts or Raiders games that roll through Vegas weekly.

    Nate Shelley – Virgin Hotel & Casino

    Nate knows the Virgin brand is “cool” and he desperately wants to fit in. But in Vegas, Virgin is off the beaten path & doesn’t have the same pizzazz at the strip hotels. Poor Nate just hasn’t figured it out.

    The Wonder Kid has found success in soccer but is still lacking the social skills to truly flourish as a human. Choosing a hotel with lots of promise but with lots of warts seems on brand.

    Oh, and Virgin?!? I’ll let you write the jokes.

    Higgins – The Flamingo

    The Flamingo is no frills, traditional Vegas. It was probably cool when Higgins was cool (maybe?), but today is just a nice, dependable, well-located hotel. Both Flamingo & Higgins might have been cool in the past but years of being around the party have aged them both.

    The Flamingo isn’t everyone’s style, but there’s a group who sees the benefits & loves it!

    Zoreaux (aka Van Damme) – Mirage

    Zava lets his kids name themselves & this inspires Zoreaux to rebrand as Van Damme. The Mirage is also going through an identity crisis & is changing its name & brand to Hard Rock. This is the perfect hotel for Zoreaux!

    Plus, we think if he loves Van Damme he’ll love the jungle theme of Mirage (or maybe the Rock & Roll theme of Hard Rock?).

    The Crown & Anchor Crew (Mae, Paul, Jeremy, and Baz) – MGM Grand

    MGM Grand is surprisingly affordable, has tons to do, & would be great for this rag-tag group to have a good time. Anytime you’re going with a group with multiple interests, MGM Grand is an ideal location! It has something for everyone, from Top Golf to the lazy river & amazing pool complex, to night clubs & day clubs, to chill bars.

    While the whole crew might go their separate ways during the day, the group gathers around the Losers Bar at night to catch the games in a very Americanized version of The Crown & Anchor.

    Now It’s Your Turn

    Who did we miss? Where would other Ted Lasso characters visit Vegas? Tell us in the comments on Twitter @UnleashVegas!

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