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ARIA has one of the most diverse and outstanding restaurant options in Las Vegas. As one of the newer hotels on the strip, ARIA made a conscious decision to keep the majority of the restaurants off the casino floor and together on the second floor. They also leaned in on the foodie and fine dining crowds in Vegas, as the majority of their 20 restaurants cater to a more upscale crowd.

That said, ARIA is one of our favorite hotels to stay, with the proximenty to amazing dining one of its strongest selling points. Whether you are looking for high-end Mexican, Thai, French, Pizza, American, Steak, Seafood, or Asian, ARIA has an option that is top of class.

If you are looking for celebrity chefs, it features some of the most accoladed, if not as well known. Jean George, Michael Mina, Shawn McClain, Mario Carbone, & Julian Serrano lend their famous names and culinary excellence to the Aria food scene.

Yet, if you’re looking for dining deals, Aria isn’t the first place to consider. Beyond the (awesome) ARIA Patisserie and Burger Lounge, there not options of a quick bite. Even the signature pizzas at Five50 Pizza Bar run between $24 and $30, so they haven’t cornered the market on budget friendly options.

But as long as you know that and know you might have to travel across the strip to Planet Hollywood or towards The Cosmopolitan, which offers a wide selection of fast-casual options at Block 46, you won’t be disappointed.

Las Vegas Dining, Elevated

ARIA excels at providing amazing, high-end restaurants that fit nicely into the expected cost of a high-end meal. They have something for every taste and an seemingly complete array of our favorite cuisines.

Starting with the steakhouse, they have the pedigree. Jean-Georges opened Prime in Bellagio and become the king of the Vegas steakhouse. His namesake steakhouse at ARIA puts spin on the classic steakhouse and offers up the finest meat (including Genuine Kobe A5) and a plethora of other outstanding cuts. In addition, most come with delectable sauces and sides. This is one of the best steakhouses in Vegas and possibly in the world.

Sage brings James Beard award-winning chef Shawn McClain’s unique spin on American steak and seafood to another level. From WAGYU beef to amazing scallops and an eclectic array of hard-to-find drinks (like genuine absinthe & Pappy Wan Winkle), Sage is one of our favorite meals in Vegas.

CATCH offers fresh seafood and delectable Sushi to the Vegas Strip. And while the food stands up on its own, this is one of the most Instagramable restaurants in the world. The garden arches that lead you into the restaurant transform you into a magical garden, with flowers and fairy lights greeting you. Every item is plated to perfection and the drinks all scream for you to take a picture before tasting. This is a celebrity hot-spot, so you never know who you will catch photobombing your next picture.

Carbone brings this favorite New York Italian concept to the Vegas Strip. Carbone brings an old-school 1920’s vibe with modern, tasty courses. This will bring your back to a time when showmanship and tableside service was expected. These are classic dishes, elevated to create masterful dishes like the Lobster Fra Diavolo, Chicken Scarpariello, Veal Parmesan and Octopus Pizzaiolo.

Bardot Brasserie showcases Michael Mina’s considerable talent, with an ambitious French cuisine that will bring you back for more. Whether you’re in the mood for French classics like escargot or a spin on Surf ‘n’ Turf with foie gras, this menu will not leave you disappointed. This is also one of my top brunch spots on the strip but only opens early on the weekend. If you do brunch, don’t miss the hearth-baked quiche, Maine Lobster Scramble, or the out of this world French Toast.

Blossom redefines the Chinese restaurant in Vegas and brings unique flavors to the strip. Javier’s elevates the traditional Mexican fare. Julian Serranos brings tapas & sangria to another level. Lemongrass offers authentic Thai flavors in reimagined ways. And Salt & Ivy offers classic American brunch and breakfast fares with patio views.

Types of Restaurants

I love having options and ARIA has plenty. I like to try multiple concepts and don’t want to feel like I’m just eating the same meal re-packaged. ARIA has nearly every type of cuisine covered and each concept has something unique that makes each meal feel special.

Even better, every restaurant can stand on it’s own as a top option on the strip. They have done a really nice job in ensuring that you really get a world-class experience throughout the resort and the restaurants live up to that lofty expectation.

Casual Restaurant Lacking

If we have one complaint with ARIA’s selection of restaurants, it would be that there are few moderately priced or quick options. While the ARIA Patisserie has great pastries and quick bites and Burger Lounge offers another affordable option, it doesn’t have the depth of options of The Cosmopolitan or the number of budget options like Caesars.

The ARIA Buffet helps fill this gap, but buffets are not for everyone and the cost is still more than a typical fast-casual bill.

Five50 Pizza Bar has nice lunch specials and if you split a pie, it can land in the moderate range, but it’s not a perfect fit for this category. That said, Five50 Pizza Bar is a great option if you love specialty pizzas. These are cooked on a wood-fire grill at 550-degrees, so not the same run of the mill pie you’d get at your local shop.

Most Instagram-able Restaurants

CATCH may be the most Instagram-able restaurants on the strip. As you walk through a tunnel of flowers, fairy lights, and beautiful areas to stop and take a picture, you’ll quickly realize this isn’t your run of the mill restaurant.

The beautify extends to the dishes and drinks, each screaming to be photographed. And that’s a theme at ARIA restaurants… They really are beautiful, from the dishes to the cocktails, to the unique settings.

Celebrity Chefs

Everything has more glitz in Vegas and that goes for the restaurants. Celebrity chefs are all the rage and ARIA has a great stable of America’s favorite culinary experts. Jean George, Michael Mina, Shawn McClain, Mario Carbone, & Julian Serrano all lend their considerable talent to their restaurants in ARIA.

The rising star of the ARIA stable is James Beard Winner Shawn McClain who brings his Chicago style to the strip. Sage is one of our favorite restaurants in the world and Five50 Pizza Bar brings a unique spin on the pizza pie.

Mario Carbone imports his classic New York Italian-style in his namesake Carbone. This is one of the most popular concepts in NYC and keeps with a trend of bringings world-class, successful concepts to the strip from all over the world.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten is one of the pioneers of the Vegas Strip steakhouse, building PRIME at Bellagio into the steakhouse that everyone tried to beat when Bellagio opened. With his namesake steakhouse in ARIA, he takes more chances from his classic concept while offering the finest beef on the planet to those willing to doll out the dollars.

Michael Mina and Julian Serrano are some of the most famous of the celebrity chefs and each continues to up their game. Bardot is my favorite restaurant in the ARIA family and a classic example of the brilliance of Michael Mina.

Our Recommendation: We Love ARIA Restaurants

ARIA has one of the best stable of restaurants in Vegas or in the world. We believe every concept is high-quality and recommended. We have personally visited almost every restaurant on the list and it is one of the reasons ARIA is one of our go-to-hotels in Vegas.

We do wish there was a bit more moderately priced dining options, but because of the location and proximity to other areas, this is a small gripe.

Sage is our top pick in a very competitive contest for Best of ARIA, but the combination of the unique takes on classic dishes and the outstanding and hard to find cocktail list puts this at the top of the list for us at ARIA.

ARIA has one of the top restaurant line-ups and just misses our top spot in our Vegas Strip rankings for 2020. Still, it is our most likely resort to book for any trip in 2020.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or share your story with our Facebook Group.

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