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    As a platinum MGM Rewards member, most of my trips to Vegas end up in an MGM Resort. I’ve stayed at almost every MGM Resort in Vegas at one point or the other (only missed Luxor & Mandalay Bay) & typically eat the majority of my meals at MGM properties.

    With that said, here are my favorite restaurants at every MGM Property. For some, this wasn’t that hard. But I could have listed 4-5 as my favorites for others. After all the favorites, I’ll list some honorable mentions because I can’t help myself.

    Without further adieu, here are my favorite restaurants at every MGM resort listed in approximate order of my favorites:

    #1: Zuma at The Cosmopolitan

    My favorite restaurant in the MGM Resort family is one of the newest: Zuma at The Cosmopolitan. It is the restaurant we go to most often & has my favorite overall dish. We tend to gravitate towards more fish/sushi/asian dishes on vacation, as they stand out from what we can get at home more than a high-end steakhouse, for example.

    Zuma has a buzz that I love & the izakaya style where small plates come to the table when they are ready. The hardest part of eating at Zuma is building the perfect dinner from the numerous options.

    We’ve been at least 8-10 times & always try something new, but there are a few dishes we can’t leave without. My favorite dish is the spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, red chili and sweet soy ($52). There’s just something about it that I can’t get enough of. Here’s the full menu.

    The Miso Black Cod ($48) is one of our favorites, the rock shrimp ($29) is a top choice, and the various sushi rolls we’ve tried have all been stellar.

    The drinks are top-notch & unique, which is another huge selling point. The burning history (suntory toki whisky, honey, ginger, yuzu, scotch, egg whites & barrel stave smoke) is $24 and is as beautiful as it is tasty. We also enjoy Japanese old fashion ($22) and hachiko ($20). See the full drink menu here.

    Other contenders from Cosmo included Jaleo, STK, & China Pablano, but overall, zuma was a fairly easy choice.

    #2: Javier’s at Aria

    This was by far the most challenging choice of all the hotels and would likely hold almost half of my top 10 MGM property restaurants overall. It has my favorite breakfast spot (Salt & Ivy), my two favorite weekend brunch spot at MGM properties (Bardot & CATCH), my favorite Italian restaurant in Vegas (Carbone), & the new restaurant I want to try next in Cathédrale. That doesn’t even cover what many would consider a top steakhouse in Jean-Georges or Lemongrass, one of my favorite Thai restaurants on the strip.

    But in the end, it’s Javier’s as my favorite. The Aria is my go-to hotel & where I stay (along with Vdara) the vast majority of my trips to Vegas. Since we typically come in late & after a long day of travel, Javier’s is always our first stop for a late night dinner & drinks.

    While the entries are all fantastic, I prefer a meal of appetizers including some combination of chips & salsa (included), chicken quesadillas ($28), Ceviche de Ahi ($32), & Taquitos ($20). I love the energy right on the casino floor & the service has always been spot-on for us.

    The Jalapeno Margarita ($20) with Tahin rim or Guayaba Margarita ($20) is the perfect start to the first Vegas night & always hits the spot. The drinks never disappoint & tip the scale towards Javier’s over all other Aria restaurants.

    #3: The Mayfair Supper Club at Bellagio

    This was the other property with the hardest choice, but ultimately I went with The Mayfair Supper Club over Yellowtail. Bellagio has some of the best fine dining on the strip & there are plenty of great options here, but Mayfair wins out based on price & atmosphere.

    The food is good but the atmosphere is what really sets Mayfair apart. The live entertainment is fun, sexy, & interactive. The last time I had dinner, an act hung over my table from the ceiling while I was having my appetizer.

    The bright colors & lively music stands out with the Bellagio Fountain show crashing just outside the windows. It’s an experience & somewhere we take first-timers to Vegas quite often.

    The branzino ($57), Maine Lobster Thermidor ($134) , & Whole Dover Sole ($132) are perfect for special occasions, or the Ora King Salmon ($54) is a great option. Overall, the food is solid & the atmosphere is special. That’s exactly what I look for in a night out in Vegas. Here’s the menu.

    #4: Morimotos at MGM Grand

    One of the easiest choices, although the Robuchon might have been the best meal I’ve had in my life, the price drops it down this list a bit. Morimotos is the perfect Vegas restaurant.

    The tuna tacos ($24) & tuna pizza ($28) are both stellar. If you’re up for an adventure, get the chef’s combination of sushi ($80/$160) or sashimi ($80/$160), which come on a beautiful presentation, especially if you’re going with a larger group.

    The star of the show is the whole lobster épice (Morimoto spice blend, lemon crème fraîche) at Market Price. Don’t be scared, it ran around $100 when I had it, and it was the best lobster I’ve ever had. The lemon crème fraîche is Morimoto’s take on the butter dish & it was a freaking amazing lemon, buttery foam. It not only was ridiculous, but it’s also MASSIVE & one of the most Instagram-able meals on the strip (see mine above!)!

    Here’s the full menu.

    #5: Bavette’s at Park MGM

    This would be higher on my list, but I live in the Midwest where good steakhouses reign supreme, but Bavette’s is my favorite Las Vegas steakhouse. I am usually fairly simple with my steak, but Bavette’s has the best steak sauces in the game. The Béarnaise is off the hook!

    They also have an entire old fashion menu which is exactly what I want in a Chicago steakhouse. Overall, the ambiance is dark and if you have trouble reading a menu, bring a flashlight, but it’s all worth it in the end!

    #6: Charlie Palmers Steakhouse at Four Seasons

    I’ve only been to Charlie Palmer’s Steakhouse twice and both times it was during Vegas Restaurant Week. This is the one time a year that Vegas restaurants offer all-inclusive meals & Charlie Palmers does it RIGHT! We got fillets, lobster, sides, & unlimited wine included in our price!

    This may not be the most reliable review (we drank A LOT of wine), but I do remember it was an awesome experience.

    #7: Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay

    Okay, so I haven’t actually eaten at the Foundation Room, but it’s one of the best views in Vegas, so it’s a must if you’re at Mandalay Bay. We have had some solid meals at Libertine Social & Strip Steak, but neither stood out enough to beat out the Foundation Room view. I’ve heard great things about Border Grill & want to try Retro by Voltaggio, but since I haven’t tried them, I will stick with my original choice.

    #8: Il Fornaio at New York New York

    I haven’t had Gallagers, so this might not be the fairest decision, but Il Fornaio is a solid choice for New York New York. If we were ranking our favorite restaurants or even favorite Italian restaurants, this wouldn’t be near the top of the list, but it’s our favorite choice at NYNY.

    #9: Diablo’s Cantina at Luxor

    This is the one MGM property I’ve never eaten at, so I’m basing this on others’ experiences. I know some people love the Luxor vibe, but it’s not my vibe & is too far from the center of the strip. We’ve done some shows here, but if we’re going to the south end of the strip for a game or concert, we typically hit up Mandalay Bay & skip Luxor & Excalibur.

    Overall, I’ve heard Diablo’s Cantina is a solid Mexican place. That’s about all I’ve got for you!

    #10: Starbucks at Vdara

    It’s a good thing Vdara is connected to Bellagio & Aria, because it doesn’t have many food options. The VICE VERSA patio & Lounge is all right for a quick nightcap & the Market Café Vdara has decent grab-and-go, I chose Starbucks because I go there every day I’ve stayed at Vdara.

    #11: Dick’s Last Resort at Excalibur

    The last time I had Dick’s Last Resort, it was in 2003, so this isn’t a glowing recommendation. Excalibur probably has the worst dining options for all the MGM properties & lacks options. There’s nothing wrong with Buca di Beppo or Johnny Rockets, but they don’t compare to the other restaurants on this list.

    If you want to be a little goofy or get a side of light verbal abuse, this place might be for you! But I won’t be heading back (or eating at Excalibur in general).

    What’s Your Favorite MGM Property Restaurant?

    Where did I go wrong? And which choices do you agree with? Let us know in the comments or via social media!

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