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    Calling all football fanatics and die-hard supporters of the Silver and Black! It’s time to gear up and get ready to witness the heart-pounding action of the Las Vegas Raiders. The schedule is exciting, but that means it will be expensive! How expensive? Let’s look at some of the prices from Ticketmaster as of May 2023.

    We’re looking at two types of tickets today… Get in the door (400 level, cheapest price) & cheapest lower level (100 level, cheapest price). You can see the full list in the chart below, but here are some of the highlights.

    The cheapest games are the LA Chargers (TNF) & Denver Broncos (Week 18) each running $185. The middle games from the New England Patriots ($223) to the Jets (SNF) to KC Chiefs ($300). The most expensive games are currently the Green Bay Packers (MNF) $350 & Pittsburg Steelers (SNF) $375.

    If you’re looking for lower-level seats, you’ve got some options. The cheapest tickets are again the Denver Broncos ($290) & LA Chargers (TNF) ($295). The Packers (MNF) & New York Jets (SNF) will run you $400 for a lower-level seat, and you can get the Minnesota Vikings for $375. And the most expensive 100-level seats are the Steelers (SNF) ($480) & Kansas City Chiefs ($524).

    Oh, and the preseason game against the San Fransico 49ers is the only ticket that is currently below face value. You can enter the door for $60 or sit in the good seats starting at $100. If you want to get in the building, this is your only chance under $100 this year.

    Overall, attending a Raiders game is a thrilling experience that offers something for everyone, from die-hard football fans to casual observers looking for a fun outing. Find Raiders tickets here or check out all the prices below.

    2023 Las Vegas Raiders Schedule

    WeekDate Opponent Price
    100 Level
    Pre 1TBDSan Fransico 49ers$60SEC 118 – $100Buy Tickets
    Pre 2TBD@LA RamsBuy Tickets
    Pre 3TBD@Dallas CowboysBuy Tickets
    Week 19/10@Denver BroncosBuy Tickets
    Week 29/17@Buffalo BillsBuy Tickets
    Week 39/24Pittsburg Steelers (SNF)$375SEC 144 – $480Buy Tickets
    Week 410/1@Los Angeles ChargersBuy Tickets
    Week 510/9Green Bay Packers (MNF)$350SEC 122 – $400Buy Tickets
    Week 610/15New England Patriots$223SEC 102 – $325Buy Tickets
    Week 710/22@Chicago BearsBuy Tickets
    Week 810/30@Detroit Lions (MNF)Buy Tickets
    Week 911/5New York Giants$230SEC 102 – $366Buy Tickets
    Week 1011/12New York Jets (SNF)$260SEC 141 – $400Buy Tickets
    Week 1111/19@Miami DolphinsBuy Tickets
    Week 1211/26Kansas City Chiefs$300SEC 119 – $524Buy Tickets
    Week 1312/3BYEBuy Tickets
    Week 1412/10Minnesota Vikings$225SEC 141 – $375Buy Tickets
    Week 1512/14Los Angeles Chargers (TNF)$185SEC 102 – $295Buy Tickets
    Week 1612/25@Kansas City Chiefs (Christmas)Buy Tickets
    Week 1712/31@Indianapolis ColtsBuy Tickets
    Week 18TBDDenver Broncos$185SEC 102 – $290Buy Tickets

    Las Vegas Raiders Seating Chart & Images

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