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    The strip is only 4.2 miles, a sum that the average walker could knock out in about an hour on the treadmill or on their local walking path. But 4.2 miles could take you a lifetime on the Vegas strip, as you wind through casinos, weave through people, dodge the 110 degree heat, pass over walkways, and wait at crosswalks.

    A cab or Uber often isn’t much better, especially in the busy time, when everyone is executing their perfectly laid dinner plans.

    While there are options like trams, buses, and the leisurely walk up and down the strip, most of the time it’s best to make your dinner plans close to where you are staying.

    That’s why today we are going to focus on the center of the strip steakhouses (no pun intended). For this exercise, we will consider “center strip” everything from Aria to Caesars, including Planet Hollywood, Park MGM, Paris, The Cosmopolitan, Bally’s, Bellagio, Harrah’s, & Caesars Palace.

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    There are plenty of amazing steakhouses that are not on this list because they are on the south strip, north strip, off-strip, or downtown. But this is designed to show that you don’t have to trek across the strip to find an amazing steakhouse if you’re staying in Center strip.

    Without further ado, here is the best steakhouse options for every center strip property.

    Park MGM: Bavette’s Steakhouse

    Rating: Our Favorite Steakhouse. Bavette’s is our favorite steakhouse in Vegas. Bold statement in one of the most crowded categories on the strip, but the combination of cool vibe, amazing cuts, perfect cocktails, and delightful sauces and sides ranks make Bavette’s our top steakhouse.

    Why we love Bavettes? Bavettes leads a surprisingly strong lineup of restaurants at the newly renovated Park MGM. Eataly may get all the press, but Bavettes is the crown jewel. This Chicago implant brings old school charm, an outstanding cocktail list, and French techniques to traditional cuts of meat.

    Just keep it simple and start with the crab cake and any soup or salad, chose any of the fillet/ribeye/NY Strip (don’t miss out on the killer béarnaise) and don’t hesitate to order the Old Fashion. This place just feels like what a steakhouse should feel like.

    Who should go? This is a premium steakhouse with premium prices, but if you’re looking for a modern, amazing steakhouse, you won’t do better.

    Price range & atmosphere: Expect to spend $60 or more without enhancements and increasing from there. This is a premium steakhouse, with premium prices on everything, including cocktails.

    That said, Bavette’s feels like a steakhouse, from the amazing center bar to the engaging waitstaff to the visits from the chef or being taken to the table by the sommelier. Even though it was born in Chicago, it feels like what a Vegas steakhouse should be.

    Aria: Jean Georges Steakhouse

    Rating: Best of Vegas. This is one of the top steakhouses on the strip.

    Why we love it? Jean Georges Steakhouse is one of our favorite steakhouses on the strip. You can find anything from an amazing petite filet to A5 premium Kobe beef (i.e. the best in the world). Everything is cooked to perfection, the wine list is steller, and the sides & sauces are out of this world. This is truly one of the great steakhouses in America.

    Price range & atmosphere: This is a premium steakhouse with premium pricing for food and beverage. The atmosphere is unique, cool, & modern and brings a more hip vibe than the other Jean-Georges steakhouse on the strip, PRIME.

    The Cosmopolitan: STK

    Rating: Best of Vegas. This is one of the top steakhouses on the strip.

    Why we love it? STK has a life of its own. From the modern, sleek design to the lively bar that greets you when you walk in, this is not your grandfathers steakhouse. We love the hip vibe, purple lights, and stark design.

    But with all the stunning design, the food stands on its own. You can get every cut, perfectly prepared, unique cocktails, and tasty sides. This is a place to be seen.

    Price range & atmosphere: Another premium priced destination. Parsing your favorite steakhouse on price isn’t going to help with the top tier. STK is really modern and the biggest differentiator is the vibe. It has a modern, sexy, fun vibe unlike any other on this list.

    Bellagio: PRIME

    Rating: Best of Vegas. This is one of the top steakhouses on the strip.

    Why we love it? PRIME is the classic example of what every steakhouse since has tried to live up to. It’s stunning location right by the Bellagio Fountain makes this a special night no matter what the occasion.

    Jean-Georges original Vegas steakhouse, this is one of the most famous steakhouses in Vegas for a reason.

    Price range & atmosphere: With the Bellagio Fountains off the patio and an old Vegas feel in the Bellagio, this is one of the best locations on the strip. This innovative steakhouse is what every steakhouse to follow wanted to grow up to be, so you can never go wrong with PRIME.

    Caesars Palace: Old Homestead Steakhouse

    Old Homestead Ribeye at Caesars Palace

    Rating: Best of Vegas. This is one of the top steakhouses on the strip.

    Why we love it? 15,000 bottles of wine and a concept that’s been a New York traditions since 1868 means Old Homestead Steakhouse has staying power, even as it’s moved from the Big Apple to Caesars Place.

    This feels like a steakhouse through and through, with amazing cuts of beef, succulent sides, and sultry décor, from dark woods to burgundy leather booths. From USDA Prime Dry Aged Steaks to Japanese A5 Striploin and Wagyu, Old Homestead offers the perfect choice for every steak lover.

    Price range & atmosphere: Old Homestead sits in the middle of new, modern flair with old, classic charm. It’s small Caesars restaurant is one of the hottest steakhouse tables in Vegas and feels like a steakhouse through and through.

    It is on the high-end of the price spectrum, with the 10oz filet starting at $65 and going up from their. Expect to spend $120+ per person for a 3-course meal with sides and more if adding drinks or wine.

    Planet Hollywood: Strip House Las Vegas

    Rating: Next Best. This is a solid steakhouses on the strip.

    Why we like it? Strip House offers a great steak for a (Vegas) reasonable price. Each cut ranges from $50-$58, with Surf & Turf checking in at $62. While not budget level, it is one of the more moderately priced steakhouses in the center strip area without losing significant quality.

    Paris: Gordon Ramsay Steak

    Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Hotel & Casino

    Rating: Next Best. This is a solid steakhouses on the strip.

    Why we like it? Gordon Ramsay has proven that he can build an audience and is one of the most famous chefs in the world. The steaks are well prepared and the menu is familiar for those who love Ramsay. It doesn’t meet the very lofty expectations of our best of steakhouses above, but is a great choice and fantastic meal none-the-less.

    Price range & atmosphere: You may be paying for the name on the sign, as Gordon Ramsay may be the most well known chef in the world. If you’re a fan of his shows, you will find some of his most famous dishes including Beef Wellington on the menu.

    That said, the food does stand-up to the name and this is a fine steakhouse in it’s own right. Steaks start at $69 and run to $125 for the porterhouse, with the beef wellington checking in at $59. This is a top destination for those who love Gordon Ramsay.

    Other steak options at Paris: While not a typical steakhouse, if you want a steak with a view, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant has great views of the Bellagio Fountain in a romantic atmosphere. The Eiffel Tower is a top restaurant for special occasions.

    Bally’s: BLT Steak Las Vegas

    Rating: Next Best. This is a solid steakhouses on the strip.

    BLT Steak at Bally’s is another fine option in the middle of the strip. It offers fine cuts and wagyu beef. That said, we find that other steakhouses around give a better experience for about the same price. That said, if you’re staying at Bally’s and want a steak, BLT won’t let you down.

    That said, BLT often offers Groupons or other discounts at 20% or more, which makes this a much better deal. BLT is a solid choice and a good meal, but not one of our top choices in this very competitive category.

    Harrah’s: Ruth’s Chris Las Vegas

    Rating: Good, but there are better options.

    Ruth Chris is one of the most famous steakhouse chains in the world and I have to admit, I love their steaks. If you don’t have one in your local area or have never experienced fine dining, this could be a good option. The prices will be a bit more reasonable and the quality is nice.

    That said, this is definitely not the experience you will get at other places on the strip. We typically try to stay away from the national chain restaurants in Vegas because there are so many amazing options for similar prices, but to each their own! You can definitely do worse than a nice dinner at Ruth Chris.

    Nearly every hotel and casino has a top-notch steakhouse, so choosing the perfect spot can be difficult. There are many great options, but Bavette’s at Park MGM, Jean Georges Steakhouse at ARIA, STK at The Cosmopolitan, Old Homestead at Caesars Palace, and PRIME at Bellagio stand our as our Best of Vegas, Steakhouses for the center of the strip.

    So what do you think? Tell us what your perfect Vegas trip looks like on our Facebook Group here.

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    One thought on “Best of Vegas: Center Strip Steakhouses

    1. Charles Danford says:

      Old homestead steakhouse use to be very, very, nice.
      But now it’s mediocre at best. Completely lost the concept of porterhouse steak for 2. Increased the price approx 50%! Pass. Next.

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